DGi Rooster Change 2020/2021

The all new DGi Main-Team

After the contracts of the old DGi Main Team expired as planned, we are now working flat out to establish a new Main Team for DGi.

The players Majestical and Viirox will remain in the team as core staff. They are expected to create a new lineup within the next one to two weeks together with 3 other players from France

The team strives to compete beneath others in the following tournaments and leagues:

  •  French Challenger League
  • Louvardleauge 
  • Go4

No new Academy-Team

Due to the high organizational effort of an Academy Team and the excessive workload, DGi has decided not to accept Academy Teams for the time being.

This may change in the course of 2021. We therefore ask you to stop sending applications with U18 teams until then.

Marcel Biewendt

CEO & Founder

About the Author: Marcel Biewendt founded Deep Gaming Industries in 2019 as an eSports followup of Aesthetic Academics. Marcel holds several academic degrees in economics and management, among others he is currently Ph.D. Candidate in Management & Organisational Sciences.