DGi Tournament & Sponsors

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The DGi Open Championship - Teams 10 of 16 spots are already booked!So far we have 10 teams already registered for the DGi Tournament:Die 5 von der TankeBLUEJAYS R6 AcademyEWAVE…

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New Partner & Good Bye ACT

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The Deep Gaming Industries Academy Team First we would like to start this news with the farewell of our Academy Team.After almost 2 years, our previous Academy Team has left…

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Will the latest Patch destroy Rainbow Six:Siege?

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Will the latest Rainbow Six:Siege Patch destroy the game?On 16th of January 2020 a big controversy across social media started. The new ADS for Rainbow Six:Siege got announced. Many people…

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GBB Xmas Cup Finale vs. WarKidz

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Dear Community, Deep Gaming Industries participated in this years GBB Xmas Cup and made it to the finals against WarKidZ! Below you find the video, have fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU-Jlsym818&lc=z22ktdrqeqfbfxo11acdp43aqywzbgvpogcdexcgishw03c010c.1579023129685207

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Happy New Year

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Dear community and dear new visitors, hereby we at first want to wish you a Happy new year 2020. Moreover we want to inform you about the latest happenings at…

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