E-Sports and the consequences of the Coronavirus

Consequences of the COVID-19 Virus for the E-Sports scene

The COVID-19 Virus is in almost every single news we currently see. People in all of the european union are not allowed to travel, the borders are closed. The Virus travelled from China into europe and into the us. Especially Italy, Spain, France and Germany are hit big by the Virus. But would exactly are the consequences for us? The Gamer scene is obviously not saved by the virus. In this article you will find out everything that has happenend in the E-Sports scene.

Consequences for the Rainbow Six:Siege Community

Rainbow Six:Siege is one of the biggest First Person Shooter and is still growing a lot with every season, breaking record all along the way. But at least this season we have to resign on the Pro League Finals, which would have taken place in Sao Paulo, Brazil in May. Ubisoft and ESL have decided to cancel the Pro League Finals in Sao Paulo and the APAC Finals in which the teams of that region would have qualified for the Pro League Finals. The prize pool was split on every region, so whoever wins Pro League in their region will get more money out of it.

Furthermore, the GCC LAN designed by GameCatering Media UG, which was supposed to kick off March 2020 was cancelled due to the current Corona-Crisis. As Deep Gaming Industries was one of the participating teams, we’re looking forward to proof ourselves at the alternative date.
According to the founders Andisch & Bene the LAN event will be postponed to later this year, compensated by several online-tournaments to fill the gap in between.

Consequences for the DOTA 2 Community

ESL and Valve have been working together almost since release. Now they have decided, that the first ever Major in Los Angeles will not take place, because of the Coronavirus. The Major would have taken place on the 20th of March and is now postponed. Which date and if it is going to take place in Los Angeles is yet to be announced.
But not only the Major was postponed but the OGA Dota PIT Minor which would have taken place in Croatia starting on the 23rd of April is also not taking place as planned. If and when this will be played is not clear as of right now.

Consequences for other Games and Communities

Of course not only the big games are hit hard by the Coronavirus. The PUBG Mobile Pro League ist postponed, the reason of course the Coronavirus. The PML is a league, in which players and teams from all over the world are playing for the chicken dinner. Usually they all meet in one city, but as its not possible it will not take place. Because of the different regions and the ping (dis-)advantage of some players, it cannot take place online.
The NBA 2K Community will have to wait for the start of the League. It would hve started on the 24th of March, but is not postponed.
Not only the NBA 2k League is postponed, but the Call of Duty League as well. Every live event in the future is cancelled and everything will take place online as of right now. No one knows when or where it is going to start, we will have to wait for that.
The Overwatch community will have to wait long until their League is taking place. Blizzard has decided to stop the League completly until May. Until then, no game will take place, not even online.

We have to stay strong

Of course every big and small tournament in most games are postponed or even cancelled. But there is still something good about this. Twitch and other streaming platforms are breaking viewer records and steam is on a all-time high. Most schools in europe are closed and we will have to wait the pandemic out. We all have our consoles and PCs and the games we love. Lets face the Coronavirus by staying home and game with our friends. This will all be over in no time!

Ian Bielefeldt

Author & Community Manager

Ian is both Analyst of the DGi Academy Team and author of many news articles you're reading on our site. Ian is interested in any content regarding eSports and Rainbow Six Siege.