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Deep Gaming Industries [DGi] is exclusively aimed at players and enthusiasts who are looking for a career in professional e-Sports.
Further we offer a variety of consulting services in digital business and transformation.

Our management consists exclusively of professionals who have an academic background and appropriate experience. We are currently representing Staff and Players from Germany and France.

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Currently looking for


Preparation and follow-up of e-Sport events, tactical and strategic support of the team captain. Intensive cooperation with the coach analyst.

The position of the trainer is concerned with, among other things:


– Accompaniment of the players on- and offline
– Structuring and expanding the team
– Planning and analysis of e-Sport events in cooperation with team captain, head management and analysts
– Leadership of the assigned team


After consultation with the team

Minimum age:

18 years (in exceptional cases 17 years)

References and payment:

This position is paid if you have 6 months or more of experience as a trainer/coach

As a coach analyst you will work closely with the team captain of our main team. You support the analysis, preparation and follow-up of all scrims, tournaments and cups.

Range of application:

Analysis, preparation and follow-up, tactical and strategic support of team captain and team.


According to requirements or variable depending on the number of tunes, scrims or cups.

If necessary, travel to offline events (LANs, finals etc.).

Minimum age:

18 years

References and payment:

Experience in R6S,
Strategy planning and development, tactics and e-sports are prerequisites.


Deep Gaming Industries is looking for a Management Assistent to support our current team.

Grow and develop together with DGi and get the chance for a fixed monthly salary in the future.


Operational and administrative support of the Management (Coordination Of Appointments, Homepage Maintenance, Teamspeak Server, Community Management, Etc.)


The Working Time is currently About 5-10 Hours Per Week


In the Future, The Possibility Of a Monthly Salary.

As Team Manager you are primarily responsible for the administration and organization of the Main Team.

Range of application:

Market analysis, transfers, collaboration and link with/to head management and team captain, recruitment of junior staff


Very good knowledge of e-Sport (especially Rainbow Six Siege), fluent English and German. Good command of MS Office.


Very solid knowledge in e-Sport.


Performance-oriented payment + bonuses

Content creation

Deep Gaming Industries is looking for a Content Creator for our social media channels and our homepage.

Grow and develop together with DGi and get the chance for fixed monthly salary in the future.


Creation of content for:

  • Twitter
  • Homepage
  • Twitch
  • In the Future other social media platforms


Depending on work needs, but daily. Working hours can be freely allocated.


In the Future, the possibility of a monthly salary

Deep gaming Industries is looking for an internal designer for all corporate identity issues

Grow and develop together with DGi and get the chance for a fixed monthly salary in the future.

You should at least have the following skills and knowledge or would like to learn:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Creation of vector graphics
  • Web Design
  • Creation of logos
  • Design of corporate identity


In the future, the possibilty of a monthly salary

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