R6S – Rainbow Six Siege: Y5 Operation Void Edge

What is coming with Operation Void Edge?

In early March 2020 our favourite game Rainbow Six:Siege is getting a new big update. We are expecting the first Season of Year 5! We will present to you the new Update, and what you will be seeing in less than a month.

The new Defender: Oryx

Our new Defender Oryx is a beast. Attackers will have a big problem dealing with this gigantic man who can breach through soft walls with ease. This monstrosity is very athletic, will breach unexpectedly through soft walls to scare attackers and jump up open hatches. Here some facts about him:

  • 2 Speed, 2 Armor
  • Weapons: SPAS-12, MP5 (without ACOG)
  • Secondary Weapons: Bailiff 410, USP40
  • Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Bulletproof Camera


Oryx ability is simple but very effective. His Remah Dash will give Oryx a small boost to run a little faster for about half a second. With his big and athletic body and this little extra speed he is able to run through walls. He can stack up his ability up to three uses, but when he uses his ability to run through walls he will lose all of the stacked up as well as 10 hp of damage. After using his ability, it will take a while to take out his gun again. One Remah Dash takes about 10 seconds to recover.
But he is not only able to breach through walls. While standing under a openend hatch, he is able to jump up to hold himself at the edge. While hanging from the hatch he can see what is going on. Now he has the decision: He can jump back down or go up and fight with potential enemies.

The new Attacker: Iana

Iana is a very sneaky new Operator. With her high-tech hologram of herself she is able to scout the defence of enemies. You can´t spot the difference between her hologram and Iana until you shoot it once. It will instantly break and is not able to shoot back at any point. Here some facts:

  • 2 Speed, 2 Armor
  • Weapons: ARX 200, G36-C
  • Secondary Weapon: MK1 9mm
  • Gadgets: Smoke Grenades, Frag Grenades



As said before, she is able to spawn in a hologram from herself in the world of Rainbow Six:Siege. This has a limited access of about 8 seconds, if it is not getting shot before. Other than Oryx Gadget, she is not able to stack up her holograms. Once its used up, she will have to wait for some time until she can spawn it again. With this hologram she is able to walk around, but is not effected by traps like Kapkans Entry Denial or Lesions GU Mines. She is not able to shoot or spot enemies with a red ping and the information given is only seen by Iana. While controlling her hologram, she cant move or shoot. Other than Alibis Holograms, you will not get detected if you destroy it. It will just instantly disappear. A big difference between her and Alibi is the exact hologram she is producing. All the weapon skins, Headgear and uniform is represented in the hologram as well. All in all Ianas Ability is very strong to gather information about the defence.

Oregon Rework:

With Operation Void Edge we are finally getting a Map Rework of Oregon, one of the oldest maps in Rainbow Six:Siege. Unfortunately there is currently no information if the new Oregon is coming into the ESL Map Pool.

The new Oregon basement coming with some big changes to it!
New first floor on Oregon with a big change to the small tower (office)

Currently there is no official blueprint of the second and potentially the third floor.

What else can we expect in Y5S1:

  • Planks of barricades will not be in hanging in the barricade itself when breaking it. So everybody will have a clear vision through the holes of a barricade.
  • A new Home Screen HUD
  • Drones now spawn, where you set your spawnpoint in the beginning of a round
  • Caveira Elite Set is finally getting released
  • Lesion Nerf: Cannot see GU Icons through walls and the initial damage by stepping into the GU Mine got removed completly
  • Twitch Buff/Change: Twitch Drone spawns with 3 Shots which, like Echos Yokai Drones, regenerate after some time

When will Year 5 Season 1 get released?

We will be able to play the new Season on the Test Servers at the 17th of Febuary. Usually the Test Servers are online for about three weeks so we can expect Operation Void Edge around about 9-11th of March.

Ian Bielefeldt

Author & Community Manager

Ian is both Analyst of the DGi Academy Team and author of many news articles you're reading on our site. Ian is interested in any content regarding eSports and Rainbow Six Siege.