Overview about the latest happenings at DGi


Dear community and dear new visitors, welcome to the website of DeepGaming Industries. Hereby we would like to give you a little insight on our recent development and let you participate in our newest innovations.

First of all, our partner Awesome Designs has created a new website for us to showcase the latest developments in the eSports genre. Therefore, we integrated the recent match results, our latest news & updates and a shop into our website. Furthermore, our logo got a rework in 4 different options, as well as new wallpapers in 6 different options and a new twitch overlay. Thanks again to Awesome Designs for the great work and cooperation!


ProPadsGG XooseAnother innovation is as mentioned above shortly our integrated shop, via which you can order merchandise and Fan-arcticles from DGi and support us additionally or also present DGi to the outside. For this we have also gained two new partners with Propads.gg and Xoose. This has allowed us to offer you mousepads, jerseys, sweaters, flags, backpacks, sweatpants and a T-shirt with our brand.


We are also pleased to announce that, in cooperation with Next1 Esports, we will be present at the GGC R6S Xmas Battle (PC / PS4) Lan from October 7th to 8th. There we will compete against 7 other teams on stage to play for a total prize money of 2250 € at the PC. In addition, 4 PS4 teams will compete in the tournament for a total prize money of €1,500. You can follow this tournament live on the GCC Twitch channel or on site in the tournament with a ticket that can be purchased on the GCC website (GCC Tickets). So don’t miss this event, cheer on your favourite team and be inspired by exciting games.


These were the latest updates of recent times at DGi. We are looking forward to your great support.