Valorant Patch Day & Postponement of the DGi Tournament

Valorant Patch Day: Update 1.03

Bug fixes

Valorant has introduced several improvements and new features in its latest update 1.03. You can see them in the list below:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Cypher’s traps from being triggered when they were attached to the inside of a door and someone moved through.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the match timer to trip when the network was unstable.

  • Fixed a bug where players could not jump off rope ladders when Jump was assigned to the mouse wheel.

  • Fixed several graphical issues that could occur when reconnecting to the game while the character was dead.

  • Fixed a bug where the Barrier Phase Announcement would be displayed to observers in normal games.

  • Fixed several user interface issues in the Observer Points display.

Source: PC Games

The DGi Rainbow Six: Siege Tournament

The DGi R6S tournament will be moved from August to September 2020 for organizational reasons. Registration, prize money and tournament format remain unchanged!

The exact Date will be announced soon.

Tournament Information

Date: September 2020


  • Friday from 18 hrs (UTC +1)

  • Saturday from 17 hrs (UTC +1)

  • Sunday from 13:30 (UTC +1)

Age: The person responsible for the team/organization must be at least 18 years old

Teams: 16

Region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Registration and Support: DGi Discord Server

Set of Rules: Read Here

Caster: Twitch Caster Pefkari & Twitch Caster Despo84

And of course the most important thing, the prices:

  • 1st place: 70€ + 5 eSports mice from Gear4Gamers

  • 2nd place: 50€

  • 3rd place: 30€

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