Season XI: Biggest Player Transfers in Pro- and Challenger League

Biggest Player Transfers in Season XI

In this Article you will able to see all player transfers in the EU, NA and LATAM. This will be updated every time a new big transfer is happening in one of these Regions.

EU Transfers in Season 11 of Pro League and Challenger League:

A legendary player is coming back from his retirement. Of course we are talking about Joonas “jNSkzi” Savolainen, who got kicked out of G2 and then retired. After playing for Team Secret at the Six Invitiational Open Qualifier (2nd Place just after BDS), he now finally got signed for Team Secret. The new Roster is complete and ready to get back into Pro League with ease.

NaVi is also making some big changes in their Rainbow Six:Siege roster. After some bad perfomance in first half of Pro League Season XI (2-1-4) and Six Invitational 2020 (Group Stage K.O.) Ben “CTZN” McMillan is benched and Ellis “Pie” Pyart, their Substitute, got dropped. Jack “Doki” Robertson, who was benched after his  ban, is back in the main roster playing for NaVi. Rumors say that CTZN will join the G2 roster for SirBoss, but this is yet to be confirmed. There are no information about where Pie is going or who will be replacing CTZN for the remaining games of Season XI.

Penta Sports is showing up with a brand new Rainbow Six:Siege roster for Challenger League Season XI. Alexandre “BlaZ” Thomas, Medhi “Kaktus” Marty and Nathan “Alive” Donday joined Penta Sports to help them get into Pro League again. The roster is now completly french with Jean “RevaN” Prudenti and Julian “ENEMY” Blin still playing for Penta. The new Challenger League will be challenging with these big names like Penta Sports, Team Secret and Orgless.

As far as G2 goes, nothing really big is changing so far. They kicked Ferenc “SirBoss” Mérész after loaning him for Six Invitationals. There are some rumors, which say that Virtue will replace SirBoss and CTZN will join the roster. But there is still no evidence of that happening.

NA Transfers in Season 11 of Pro League:

Team Reciprocity made some big changes to their roster after not performing well at the Six Invitationals 2020 (Group Stage K.O.). Zachary “Nyx” Thomas and Alexander “Retro” Lloyd got benched and will probably leave the roster soon. Oliver “Slashug” Spencer left Luminosity as an IGL and now joined Team Reciprocity. Khalil “b1ologic” Pleas had some personal problems and had to pause his career for some time. But now he is back in NA Pro League and just joined Rec for a freshly new start. Best of luck for that!

EUnited released Jacob “XecratioN”Campbell as a Coach and replaced him with Bagel, former Coach of TSM. After just joining Pro League, the Team is not looking ready for this big of a challenge. Maybe a new coach will help them to perform better in the next few games of NA Pro League.

Luminosity Gaming were forced to make some changes after Oliver “Slashug” Spencer, their IGL, left the team. They now signed Sam “Jarvis” Jarvis, former player for TSM, and will make a role change happen for the last remaining games. Maybe this change will let them perform better, after not so great perfomance in the first 7 games.

LATAM Transfers in Season 11 of Pro League:

Elevate made a big change! They released their complete Line-UP and will not be able to compete in LATAM Pro League no more.