Rainbow Six: Siege Update

Rainbow Six: Siege - Update

Y6: Operation Crimson Heist

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On 21st of February, Ubisoft announced a new season for Rainbow Six: Siege called Crimson Heist. Which introduced a brand new operator from Argentina named Flores and a rework for border map. Flores is a medium speed attacker that will soon join the Rainbow Six group.

This new operator carries 3 RCE-Ratero charges, which are explosive drones. This gadget is a timed drone with basically a C4 on it. It can kill an opponent or a gadget if activated close to him. As soon as you take control of the drone, it will go forward without any possibility to stop. The RCE is destroyable only when rolling and when it gets activated, it’ll stop and explode after a short timer where the opponent can get out of range.


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